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It’s december and Christmas is almost around the corner!

With the holidays approaching fast, one thing you might be thinking about is what to get for your girlfriend as a gift..
Gifts are almost always a challenge. We are all different and like different things and sometimes it can be hard to get it right even if you know what she wants (because of sizes, colours, etc..).

We are here to make it a little bit easier for you to get her a really great gift for X-mas.

We got our editors together to put together a list of some things that you could get her.. But we are NOT going to talk about sweaters, socks or anything like that on this list, because it’s going to be all about NAUGHTY things for her 😉

We wanted to put together a list with sexy or erotic things that she will love, and with an added bonus of being something that you will like as well. So let’s get started and check out the first gift in our list!

1 – Slim massager (vibrator).

Every girl should enjoy the amazing orgasms that a powerful vibrator can bring. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this adult gift would only be for her. Sure, she will most likely use it a lot when you are not around (which is a VERY good thing) but remember that you can have A LOT of fun with this when you are together as well..
The benefits with this slim (and waterproof) vibrator is that you it’s not too big, which makes it ideal for everyday use and to use together as a couple.

sexy gifts for her - slim waterproof massager
Check out this gift here: Slim Vibrator

2 – Luxury Vibrator

You can never go wrong with a smaller (slim) vibrator. But sometimes you want it to be a bit more powerful and a bit bigger.
What we like about this vibrator is that it’s bigger, and it also looks really posh with it’s shiny “metal” look and it’s jeweled base. It’s smooth in an awesome way and waterproof.. Put on some lube for a lot of sexy vibrating fun or bring it with you in the shower for some naughty games. It definitively looks good and feels amazing.

sexy gifts for her precious metal gems vibrator
Check out this gift here: Luxury Vibrator

3 – Butt plug.

Anal play is amazing. And vibrators are not exclusively for the pussy. Butt plugs are great to create that mind-blowing orgasm that every woman wants to experience. But out of all the different kinds of butt plugs out there, we like the vibrating ones. They have a very unique and awesome way to add sensations and feelings that will translate into powerful orgasms. This plug is also waterproof, which makes it ideal for use in the shower or with lube. She can use it on herself, or you can use it together for a lot of sexy and erotic fun!

sexy gifts for her clear jelly butt plug
Check out this gift here: Butt plug

4 – Magic Wand (the original)

Our next tip for a naughty X-mas gift for her is a modern classic. Although it is capable of delivering some of the most intense orgasms ever, it’s not a lot of women that has one in their “private collection”. It’s the magic wand (which Samantha from Sex in the city used and ended up getting addicted to). It has a flexible tip that will rub nicely against her. Sure, it’s the biggest sex toy you could own, but it’s loaded with power that will deliver mind-blowing orgasms to your lover. If she likes using sex toys, and loves vibrators and don’t own this, then why not try it? She might just end up loving it so much and thanking you for being the one that brought it into her life 😉 The magic wand might be big ,but it deserves a place on any list for sexy gifts as it’s truly one of the most unique toys ever made for women!

sexy gifts for her magic wand original
Check out this gift here: Magic Wand

5 – G-spot vibrator

No list of naughty gifts would be complete without including a G-spot vibrator! Out of all the vibrators we so far included, this is the one that focuses on her g-spot. You can ofcourse use it on her clit and pussy as well, but it really shines when you slide it in and push it against her G-spot. And while it’s in there working it’s magic, you are free to lick her and give her insane orgasms with both your mouth and this amazing vibrator! If you ever tried G-spot toys, you know how powerful they can be.. If you haven’t, then maybe it’s time to try 😉

sexy gifts for her lucid dream g spot vibrator
Check out this gift here: G-spot vibrator

6 – Naughty but nice knickers.

Sex toys (like the ones we covered in this list) are truly great naughty gifts. But looking (and feeling) sexy is a great gift as well. If she loves to dress up naughty, then giving her lingerie or sexy underwear could be a very good thing.
What we like about these knickers is that they look great with floral lace, and the naughty part is the exposed back and open crotch.. Making it the perfect knicker to combine that “nice” with that “naughty”.

sexy gifts for her tori lace naughty knicker
Check out this gift here: Naughty knicker.

7 – Sexy corset.

A corset is without a doubt one of the sexiest things a woman can put on. It has a way of making your body look irresistible and for a man to see his woman in a corset… Well. It’s a massive turn on for sure 😉
This corset has a lot of sexy details such as a design to accentuate her curves, adjustable and detachable garters, sexy print and lace and so much more. If you want her to feel sexy, then this might just be that naughty gift you been looking for!

sexy gifts for her hollywood dream halter corset
Check out this gift here: Hollywood Dream Corset

8 – A sexy chemise.

We think a chemise can be that perfect thing a woman can wear that is both beautiful, sexy and naughty.
We love the see through chemises with different mesh patterns which you can pair with stockings to make that perfect naughty look. This chemise features beautiful mesh patterns, lace cupe and adjustable back straps and garters. And it looks sexy!! If you’re not sure on what kind of sexy underwear or lingerie to get your girlfriend, then this might just be the one.

sexy gifts for her natalia embroidered lace chemise
Check out this gift here: Sexy Chemise.

9 – Give her the best of YOU.

We think that these are a great selection of what you can get your girlfriend or wife for Christmas.
From the naughty toys to the sexy lingerie, they are all good gifts.

But the most important gift you can ever give her is the one gift you can’t buy her: YOU.
Be the best of you, and give her the best of yourself. Be loyal, love her, make her smile and go on naughty adventures with her. Simply put, be an amazing man. Be HER amazing man.

We hope you found some great ideas for gifts to her, and we hope you get to enjoy a VERY naughty Christmas together with your loved one!