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“To be a good lover you must prioritize the satisfaction of your partner.”

We continue our sex tips quotes series with a little bit about how to be a better lover.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: “how can I be a better lover?”

And the most frequent answer we give to that question is: “care more about your partners satisfaction than your own.”

Sex (and love as well) is all about GIVING. Sure, it goes both ways (it won’t work if just one of you does it), but both of you need to focus on giving. On making your partner feel good in every single way.

Good sex means you have two people that genuinely cares and prioritizes the satisfaction of their partner.
If you want to be a better lover, then stop thinking about receiving and focus on giving. Focus on his or her pleasure.
What makes him or her moan? What position does he or she love? How does your partner want you to touch him or her.. How hard – or soft – does he or she like it when you fuck? Take everything you know about your partner and use that to make him or her feel good in bed. Don’t stop until your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife is completely satisfied. One orgasm? Sure.. If that’s enough for him or her.. But aim for two.. Or three 😉

The point is.. Once you are at a point where you are making him or her feel good.. Don’t stop.
While some men can call it a day after one orgasm – most women can keep going.. And going. So don’t stop. Continue to make your partner feel good until you’re both COMPLETELY satisfied.

Now, there are (obviously) other things that make up a good lover. Such as paying attention to details, connecting with your partner on both a physical and mental lever, etc.. But ultimately, it all comes down to caring more about your partners satisfaction than your own.

If you start by doing this.. You’ll automatically be a good lover. Your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife will LOVE that you are 100% focused on their satisfaction and not just your own.

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