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“Foreplay. Don’t rush it. Enjoy it.”

Foreplay is one of those things that a lot of people tend to rush (or even skip.)

It’s especially important for women to have foreplay because (at least most of the time) it takes a woman a longer time to get aroused and to build up that sexual tension needed to orgasm.

A man (usually) only needs to think about sex to get an erection, but for most women that’s not enough.

Foreplay triggers both the mind and the body for sex and all the kissing, hugging and caressing and all those sexy and naughty things you can do (and say) to each other helps turn her on and make her wet as well as turn him on of course.

But besides all that (which is important) – foreplay is FUN! It’s A LOT OF FUN to do all those things in the beginning, to set the mood for what’s to come (cum) 😉

So foreplay.. Don’t rush it. Enjoy it instead and the sex will be SO MUCH BETTER!

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