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“4 important pillars for building a strong relationship: Laugh hard. Love hard. Fuck hard. Loyal hard.”

There’s obviously more to building a really strong relationship than this, but these four “pillars” are insanely important and are all an essential part of a strong and great relationship.

  • Pillar 1: To laugh hard. To make each other smile as often as possible. To make each other laugh as often as you can. Sharing those laughs. Enjoying life together.. Is without a doubt one of the most important pillars when it comes to a good relationship.
  • Pillar 2: To love hard. It’s not a relationship without true unconditional love.  An absolute essential for building a strong relationship.
  • Pillar 3: To fuck hard. To have sex. Often and a lot. To be naughty together. That physical intimacy is an essential part of a great relationship!
  • Pillar 4: To loyal hard. You can’t build a strong relationship without trust and loyalty. Without truly being committed and loyal to each other.

What do you think about these 4 pillars of a strong relationship? Do you agree?
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