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I want you to be lovable and naughty.

"I want you to be lovable and naughty." It's so important to be open and lovable. Being lovable means that you can love and be loved. And it's so important to be naughty. To allow yourself to have fun with the one you really like. A lot of naughty, sexy fun 😉 Like...

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Love naughty Sundays.

"Love naughty Sundays." This quote is for all of us that love Sundays. Especially naughty Sundays 😉 Enjoy another Sunday quote and if you want more quotes like this, then use the search to find them all or check these out: Gotta love Sunday morning sex and spooning....

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Saturday is for shopping and sex.

"Saturday is for shopping and sex." This naughty Saturday quote is for all of us shopaholics 😉 For those of us that love shopping and love sex. Saturday is the perfect day for a lot of shopping. And sex. ♥ If you love shopping on Saturdays and love a bit of naughty...

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Make time for her. Make her laugh.

"Make time for her. Make her laugh. Make sweet love to her and prove to her that you really want her in your life. " If you really like her, then you've gotta make time for her. Make her laugh. As often as you can. Make love to her. Often and a lot. And prove to her...

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Make me feel like I’m your goddess.

"Make me feel like I'm your goddess." You should make her feel good. In every way you can. Often. You should make her feel loved and wanted. Everyday. You gotta make sure you make her, feel like she's YOUR goddess. Enjoy another original naughty quote for him (or her)...

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I want your body on top of mine.

"I want your body on top of mine." If you've been looking for a sexy and seductive quote for your boyfriend or girlfriend, then this is a really good quote to share or send to him or her. You just gotta love the feeling of your boyfriend or girlfriend on top of you,...

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Push me against the wall and fuck me like an animal.

"Push me against the wall and fuck me like an animal." Sex. We all love having hot sex. And we enjoy having sex in so many different ways. Out of all the different kinds of sex you can have - that rough, hard and primal kind of sex is probably one of the sexiest kinds...

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