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Lick me and I´ll lick you back. I promise.

Lick me and I´ll lick you back. I promise. If you've been looking for a naughty fun quote to send to someone then you've found one right here. Make your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife smile in a naughty way by sharing this quote with him or her today! Just...

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Love. Sex and Handcuffs.

Love. Sex and Handcuffs. Those beautiful (and oh so sexy things) that makes life worth living. Love.. What would life be without love? That feeling of being loved is simply one of the best feelings in the world. To be in love and to love someone.. Is without a doubt...

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14 funny naughty quotes for him or her!

It's all about funny and naughty quotes for him and for her today and we've rounded up 14 great quotes for you to enjoy and share with someone. Without further ado, let's get straight to the the list! Why don't you take a seat? On my face. I mean.. Why not? Right? ;)...

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Your lips. I could kiss your sexy lips for hours.

Your lips. I could kiss your sexy lips for hours. You know that feeling when all it takes is one look at his or her lips and all you wanna do is kiss those sexy lips for hours. When you love the feeling of your lips on his or her. When you simply can't get enough of...

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Once is not enough.

"Once is not enough." Well.. Once is enough for some. And once is better than nothing.. But for a lot of us, once is NOT enough. This quote is for those of us who loves orgasms and want the big O more than once. And why not? If you already given each other one orgasm,...

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Sunday. Let’s stay in bed. All day.

"Sunday. Let’s stay in bed. All day." This week is coming to an end and it's Sunday. One of our favorite days. Why? Because most of us (not all, but most) are off work and free to do whatever we want. No stress. No work. And there's that sort of "chill" vibe to...

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