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Lick that dick like it’s a lollipop.

"Lick that dick like it's a lollipop." Licking his dick like it's a yummy lollipop will be a mind-blowing experience for him. You'll be driving him crazy when you let your tongue move up and down his dick.. 😉 If you like this dirty blowjob quote, then why not share...

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I love when I can taste your orgasm.

"I love when I can taste your orgasm." There are so many different ways you can have sex and so many different ways that you can give and receive pleasure. But one of the sexiest things has got to be when you are using your mouth on your partner and he or she gets an...

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When you rub your cock between my tits.

"When you rub your cock between my tits." There's something VERY sexy about this. When a guy puts his cock between your tits and rubs it in and out of that tight little space.. When his cock is fucking your tits in that sexy and naughty way. If you love it when he is...

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I want to suck your cock until you cum all over my face.

"I want to suck your cock until you cum all over my face." Because making him feel good is sexy as fuck and because it feels so damn good when he finally cums all over your face. This dirty sex quote is all about that sexy feeling when you suck his cock and he finally...

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I love when we’re watching a movie and you make a move.

"I love when we're watching a movie and you make a move." Watching a movie together with someone you really like is always amazing. When you're cuddled up on the couch and watching something together. So cozy. And it get's even better when one of you decides to make a...

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Lick his cock like it’s a delicious ice cream cone.

"Lick his cock like it's a delicious ice cream cone." If you want to give your man a blowjob, then try using your tongue. A lot. Lick it from top to bottom, and from the bottom all the way up, flick your tongue around.. Just like you would like an insanely delicious...

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Thinking of you again. X-rated toughts again.

"Thinking of you again. X-rated toughts again." This dirty thoughts quote for him and for her is for all those moments when you find yourself thinking about your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife.. And when all those thoughts are X-rated 😉 This is a sexy couple...

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I could look at your ass for hours.

"I could look at your ass for hours." Oh you know all about this.. Don't you? 😉 When his or her ass is so perfect, so cute, so sexy that you just can't take your eyes off it. When you could spend hours looking at that amazing thing 😉 This naughty and funny quote is...

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A quickie against a wall? Yes please.

"A quickie against a wall? Yes please." As much as we love long and passionate sex with a lot of foreplay and teasing - we also think that quickies are amazing. A short, hot, naughty and intense quickie is one of the sexiest kinds of sex you can enjoy. Usually, simply...

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