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“Cuddle often. Kiss a lot. Be naughty. Have a lot of dirty sex. Love deeply. Be happy.”

If you could sort of put together all the things we here at Kinky Quotes believe is important for your mind, body and soul, then this would probably be it. These are some of those ESSENTIAL and AMAZING, sexy and fun things in life that makes it worth living.

You should cuddle often. Really often. And make sure you kiss a lot.
You keep hearing us say it and we´ll keep on saying it: kissing is one of the most fantastic things you can do in life!

Be naughty, because it’s fun. Have a lot of hot, sexy and dirty sex. A lot of it.
Love deeply. A deep love that’s real and unconditional.

And last but not least in any way.. Be happy. Whatever you do, make sure you are happy in life.

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