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I get off on getting you off.

"I get off on getting you off." This sex quote is all about that satisfying feeling of giving your partner an orgasm. That amazing feeling you get when you make him or her cum. Isn't that a hot, naugthty and satisfying feeling? 😉 If you get off on getting your...

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I absolutely love hearing all your happy little moans.

"I absolutely love hearing all your happy little moans." Making your partner feel good and hearing those sexy little moans have got to be one of the best things in a relationship. To hear all of his or her happy little moans as you pleasure him or her is simply an...

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Hump days are for humping ❤

"Hump days are for humping ❤" Oh you know they are! 😉 Once again it's Wednesday, AKA hump day. And this is the day you pay special attention to humping your boyfriend or girlfriend 😉 Make him or her feel loved in that sexy humping kind of way today! 😉 Do you love...

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I love the feeling of your mouth on mine.

"I love the feeling of your mouth on mine." Been looking for an awesome and sexy kissing quote that you can share with someone you love kissing? Then you've got an absolutely amazing one right here! If you love the feeling of his or her mouth on yours, then make sure...

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Please sir, can you fuck me harder, sir?

"Please sir, can you fuck me harder, sir?" When you have to beg for it. In a polite way 😉 When you want it. Badly. This dominance and submission quote is for you to share with someone. So share it! Welcome to KinkyQuotes.com! The worlds BIGGEST and most original...

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A real man is not selfish in bed.

"A real man is not selfish in bed." A real man cares more about his womans needs and desires than his own. A real man knows that you can't be selfish in bed. You gotta make sure you satisfy your woman in bed. And you won't be able to do so by being selfish in bed....

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