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I want your lips between my legs.

"I want your lips between my legs." Been looking for a sexy and seductive quote for your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend? Want a quote that can turn him or her on? Then this brand new quote from us here at Kinky Quotes is the perfect quote for just that. Turn...

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Gotta love that perfect simultaneous orgasm.

"Gotta love that perfect simultaneous orgasm." There's something extremely satisfying about cumming together. When you and your partner gets an orgasm at the same time. That insanely satisfying simultaneous orgasm.. There's nothing quite like it. You know exactly what...

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You are my wife and I love you. And I love fucking you.

"You are my wife and I love you. And I love fucking you." If you've been looking for a kinky, sexy and naughty quote for your wife, then you got one right here. This quote is for your beautiful wife. To let her know how much you love her and to let her know how much...

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Your flavor is so delicious.

"Your flavor is so delicious." We created this sexy and naughty couple quote for one purpose and one purpose alone: For you to let your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife know how delicious they taste. To let him or her know that you love to taste them. When his...

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When he asks you if you want to cum again.

"When he asks you if you want to cum again." Oh you know you absolutely love it when he asks you if you want to cum again. When your husband or boyfriend WANTS you to cum again. When he wants to make sure you are satisfied in bed 😉 Gotta love THAT! Enjoy this brand...

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Rub your pussy up and down, all over my face.

"Rub your pussy up and down, all over my face." Because it's so fucking sexy. Because it feels so hot, naughty and dirty. Because sometimes you just want your girlfriend or wife to rub her pussy up and down all over your face so you can do all sorts of naughty things...

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Sometimes I just want you to fuck me like an animal.

"Sometimes I just want you to fuck me like an animal." Sometimes you just want SEX. And you want it in that rough, hard and animalistic way. You want to feel like you are "properly" getting fucked, and fucked hard. Sometimes you just want your boyfriend, husband,...

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